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With the ISO 27001-certified GFOS knownCloud, we offer customers a flexible and secure alternative to the on-premise solution.

Main features

GFOS as software as a service

Company-owned data centers and IT departments that take care of complex IT infrastructures and their security are currently the norm in many places, or at least the declared goal. However, the costs for setting up and the effort required for administration and further development are very high, so that not all companies want to set up and operate their own data center or server rooms and an IT security concept. 

With the GFOS knownCloud, customers benefit from a solution that meets the very highest security standards and data protection requirements. Be it Workforce Management, Manufacturing Execution System or cloud-based access control: with GFOS as software as a service in the cloud, you are always in the clear.

The security of your data comes first

The data center is connected to a fiber optic network and has an availability of >99.6%. A double-designed and separately fed fiber optic cable network and permanent monitoring ensure maximum availability. Secure access is ensured by the use of high-availability firewalls, reverse proxies and application firewalls - personal data is only transmitted via encrypted connections.

IT security is like chess - without the necessary strategy, tactics and experience, our data will quickly be at risk.
Boris, IT specialist for system integration (GFOS Cloud & IT-Infrastructures)

Our software solutions

MES in the cloud

Your path to the smart factory 

More about GFOS.Smart Manufacturing

Time tracking software in the cloud

The future of working time tracking software

More about GFOS time tracking software

Employee scheduling on the cloud

Realtime data for your planning

More about GFOS Employee scheduling

Cloud-based access control

Optimum security management thanks to cloud technology

More about GFOS Access control
Your benefits

The advantages of GFOS software as a service

Assured availability

Redundant systems (mirroring), failover clusters and other measures guarantee permanent availability of all data and software solutions of over 99.6%.

Comprehensive monitoring

Regular monitoring of our cloud infrastructure ensures that all available services run error-free and are up to date.

Scalable solution

If your IT requirements increase, additional resources can easily be provided within the GFOS knownCloud.

Clear costs

With our software as a service solutions, you always know what services you are using and what costs you are incurring.

GDPR compliance

The provision of the cloud solution is 100% GDPR-compliant. Our data centers are located in Germany and are designed to meet the highest data protection standards.

All features

The functions of GFOS software as a service

Diverse software solutions

The GFOS software as a service portfolio gives you access to a wide range of needs-based solutions in the areas of Manufacturing Execution System (MES), workforce management, security and cloud IT. 

Flexibly scalable services

You can book additional GFOS modules, further storage resources and much more for all product areas via the cloud. That means our service will keep on expanding with your requirements.

IT management by experts

From individual software solutions to the provision of virtualized corporate IT - thanks to the GFOS knownCloud, you can outsource all these tasks and thus better bundle your competencies.

Why GFOS software is worthwhile

Users: 3 million

On average, 3 million users utilize GFOS software every day. This is how we digitize working environments worldwide and ensure future viability.

Interfaces: 70+

The system is perfectly integrated into your existing IT system landscape with over 30 interfaces to payroll accounting systems and over 40 interfaces to ERP systems.

Countries: 30

Our software is serving to cut labor costs substantially in over 30 countries.

Languages: 18

GFOS solutions are available in 18 languages. This means you benefit from the international deployment options.

Experience: 35+ years

With over 35 years of success and a broad partner network, we offer cross-industry solutions for companies of all sizes.

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