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Our Professional Application Cloud Service (GFOS PACS) covers all system-side tasks relating to the GFOS application (application provision, client access, interfaces, mobile access, etc.) from the operating system provided (see GFOS compatibility list) in the customer's data center. VPN access to the GFOS PACS system is required for this. The customer shall provide a separate system environment in the production network for the GFOS PACS service package.

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Main Features

GFOS PACS center - all services under one umbrella

We provide you with a wide range of services so that you always have quick access to all functions of the GFOS application.

We carry out all software maintenance services in close consultation with our customers. You have the option of tailoring the specific GFOS PACS services to your needs via individual service level agreements. For specific requirements or further services, a central contact person at GFOS is available to assist you.

Your benefits

The advantages of GFOS PACS

Single Point of Contact

Central point of contact for all GFOS-related tasks

Update / Security Patch

All updates and patches released by GFOS for the system components from the operating system onwards are installed regularly.

Supervision and monitoring at GFOS level

In the event of failure of the services relevant to the GFOS application and the terminal peripherals, alerts are triggered

Innovative software

Regular updates of the GFOS software

Support from the hosting provider (e.g. AWS, MS Azure, OTC, etc.)

Support for any scaling and performance requirements

All features

The functions of GFOS PACS

  • Monitoring of all services relevant to the GFOS application
  • Integration into the knownCloud Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Monitoring and support of the terminal peripherals
  • First/second level user support for access to the application
  • Configuration/support, updates and patches for the application and system components (Appl. Server, Rev. Proxy etc.)
  • Database management, support and optimization
  • Technical interface management
  • Single point of contact for the GFOS system environment
  • Expert advice on backup and restore
  • Central overview and possibility of log evaluation
  • Cyclical penetration tests
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