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GFOS stands for innovative software solutions in the areas of workforce management, manufacturing execution systems, and security as well as secure and flexible cloud services. Our software has a modular structure and is sector-independent – for use both in large corporations and in small and medium-sized businesses. According to our slogan Designing the Future of Work, GFOS supports more than 4,500 customers in 30 countries with comprehensive systems and smart tools on the way to Jobs 4.0 and Industry 4.0. We supply the right software for this in the areas of workforce management, security, manufacturing execution systems, as well as hosting and cloud services. This means that our customers have all the prerequisites for a modern and agile working environment.

In the SAP connection sector, clients profit from comprehensive know-how and consulting expertise, with over 450 projects successfully executed in the SAP environment. As ISO 27001-certified company, GFOS delivers the highest standards in the areas of IT- and cyber-security.

"Dynamic, committed, innovative, and solution-oriented – that is GFOS to us!“  Katharina Röhrig

Our strong management duo

Under their motto Growth for Future, Katharina Röhrig and Dr. Ignace Van Meenen are leading GFOS into a successful future.

"Either we will find a way or we will create one!“  Hannibal


Every great idea begins with a person who believes in it.

Katharina Röhrig and Dr. Ignace Van Meenen
Katharina Röhrig and Dr. Ignace Van Meenen

Katharina Röhrig grew up at and with GFOS. In 2014, she decided to join the family business, a tech company founded by her father Burkhard Röhrig in 1988. After studying abroad at the University of San Diego, the International College of Management Sydney, and completing her MBA, she was initially a member of the executive board of GFOS mbH.

In 2022, she took over the company together with Dr. Ignace Van Meenen and has since been the chief executive officer of the GFOS GROUP. Katharina Röhrig is known as a thought leader in the field of New Work and represents female leadership in an industry that still tends to be dominated by men, thus breaking through common clichés. She was voted executive board member of the BDI Digital Committee in 2022.

CV | Katharina Röhrig

Dr. Ignace Van Meenen studied law in his home country Belgium and in Osnabrück, where he received his doctorate in 1993 with his thesis on “Fair Trading Law and Consumer Protection in IPR”. His professional career subsequently took him to four continents and into five management positions in companies from six industries. Hence, Dr. Ignace Van Meenen has built a worldwide network as well as extensive experience in the management of national and international companies – from medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. He has been leading the GFOS GROUP as the chief executive officer together with his wife since 2022.

Dr. Ignace Van Meenen is passionate about sustainability. He is the founding chairman of the non-profit organization Eyesea, which is committed to combatting marine pollution with innovative solutions based on valid data. In 2021, Eyesea won the Green TechAward of the SPNL – Shipping Professional Network London.

CV | Dr. Ignace Van Meenen

Together, they are facing new challenges with a lot of motivation, positive energy, and passion. Their goal is to successfully bridge the gap between continuity and innovation - always keeping a close eye on the usual excellence of our products and services, as well as the development of first-class solutions for our customers. 

Katharina Röhrig & Dr. Ignace Van Meenen
Dr. Olaf Zwintzscher

Our extended management

Katharina Röhrig and Dr. Ignace Van Meenen are supported by the general managers of GFOS mbH Mischa Wittek (Market) and Dr. Olaf Zwintzscher (Software Technology & Development).


Mischa Wittek: Always keeping an eye on the customer’s needs

Mischa Wittek has been active in a wide variety of positions in the fields of MES and Workforce Management for around 20 years and knows what is important to users. Since 2006, he has been part of the #GFOSfamily.


Dr. Olaf Zwintzscher: Focus on first-class user and software experiences

Dr. Olaf Zwintzscher has been our head of software development since 2017 and has made a significant contribution to the further development of our gfos software family in recent years. As one of the managing directors, his focus lies on the steady development of our software as well as the optimization of the user experience. The topic of Artificial Intelligence is also becoming more and more important.

This is what our GFOS management stands for

Together they stand for GFOS’ vision:

We are passionate about the success of our customers and we do our best every day. With intelligent solutions, we create first-class customer experience and design tomorrow's workplaces already today.

Thanks to the great work of my parents, we have the best basis to catapult GFOS and our innovative products to the next level. The future will be as good as we make it. And we are already in the middle of creating the best - together with our highly qualified team!

Katharina Röhrig - Chief Executive Officer GFOS GROUP

Right from the start, I was fascinated by the enormous potential and the growth that is possible in this company. I look forward to building on 35 years of expertise in the “German tech mid tier” together with my wife Katharina Röhrig and our GFOS team and to continuously developing GFOS as well as our solutions.

Dr. Ignace Van Meenen - Chief Executive Officer GFOS GROUP

Team spirit is very important at GFOS. Day after day, we continue to work with full motivation and drive to take the next steps towards the future - with a great team and first-class products - I'm happy to be part of this team!

Mischa Wittek - Managing Director Market GFOS mbH

Innovative software solutions require creative employees who are willing to share their unique ideas with the world. I am proud to be able to rely on such a team and to work on the development of sustainable products for an excellent customer experience together.

Dr. Olaf Zwintzscher - Managing Director Software Technology & Development GFOS mbH

Our advisory board

GFOS’ founders, Burkard Röhrig and Gunda Cassens-Röhrig support GFOS with their extensive experience and expertise as our advisory board. Together they successfully managed GFOS for many years and brought it to its current size.

Burkhard Röhrig & Gunda Cassens-Röhrig
Our advisory board: Burkhard Röhrig & Gunda Cassens-Röhrig

Burkhard Röhrig: GFOS' founder

Burkard Röhrig, founder of GFOS, handed over the company to his daughter Katharina Röhrig in the 34th financial year.

"I am happy to know that GFOS will continue to be in the very best hands in the future and that GFOS will remain a family business.“  Burkhard Röhrig

As chairman of the advisory board, he now actively supports the GFOS management in strategic decisions with his decades of experience.


Gunda Cassens-Röhrig: She helped build GFOS

Gunda Cassens-Röhrig has been with GFOS since 1989. She supported Burkhard Röhrig in building up the company and played a key role in developing the gfos software family. After many years as managing director, she now supports GFOS as a member of the advisory board - especially in questions relating to product management.

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GFOS ist SAP S/4HANA zertifiziert
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ISO 27001 Zertifizierung - ID 9108647583

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