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The founder of GFOS, Burkhard Röhrig and his wife Gunda Cassens-Röhrig, support GFOS with their extensive experience and expertise as advisory board members. Together they have built up GFOS, successfully managed it over many years and led it to its current size.

Burkhard Röhrig

"I am happy to know that GFOS will continue to be in the very best hands in the future and that GFOS will remain a family business."


Burkhard Röhrig, founder of GFOS, handed over the company to his daughter Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig in the 34th financial year. As chairman of the advisory board, he now actively lends his decades of experience to the GFOS management in strategic decisions.

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Burkhard Röhrig (born in 1954) joined the German Armed Forces as a volunteer in 1973 - immediately after leaving school - and left in 1975 as a reserve intelligence officer to study mathematics and technology at the University of Essen. Due to the lack of practical relevance, he decided to leave his studies after just two semesters to work as a software developer in the IT department of Huta-Hegerfeld AG. Parallel to this job, he also completed his training there as a data processing specialist (now an IT specialist in application development) and at the same time wrote a textbook on the training of IT professions for vocational schools. From 1980 to 1984, he overall was in charge of the Group's IT.

In 1984, Röhrig moved to Nixdorf Computer AG, an international computer manufacturer with around 25,000 employees at the time. He undertook various roles there until 1987. Among other things, he set up an international project management team to market standard business software in Europe, as well as a consulting center for industry. 

At the beginning of 1988, Burkhard Röhrig became self-employed in the areas of production data acquisition and time management and founded GFOS mbH, which had two and a half employees at the time. He managed the company as managing majority shareholder until 2021. In the 34th financial year, he handed over GFOS to his daughter Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig. 

On April 1, 2022, he founded GFOS Managementberatung GmbH, and put his professional life experience to good use. As Chairman of the advisory board, he now actively supports the GFOS management in strategic decisions with his decades of expertise. 

Burkhard Röhrig was Chairman of the Board of the VDMA Software Association for three years and a member of the advisory board of Deutsche Bank for 15 years. He has been involved with numerous social partners in the Ruhr metropolis for many years. 

Gunda Cassens-Röhrig

"Our outstanding employees have always been the most important asset of GFOS. Team spirit and excellent cooperation at all levels are very important to us."


Gunda Cassens-Röhrig has been on board at GFOS since 1989. She supported Burkhard Röhrig in building up the company and played a key role in developing the GFOS software family.Her expertise covers the entire workforce management sector, which she has successfully built up. As Head of Product Management, she is responsible for the further development and success of GFOS products. After many years as Managing Director, she now supports GFOS as a member of the Advisory Board.

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Gunda Cassens-Röhrig (born in 1965) completed her training as a data processing clerk (now an IT specialist in application development) at Nixdorf Computer AG immediately after graduating from high school in 1984 - initially at the Hamburg office, and from the end of 1985 at the Dortmund office. After successfully completing her training in 1987, she was taken on by Nixdorf Computer AG Essen, where she had already been employed during her training and where she met Burkhard Röhrig during this time. She was then responsible for time and production data acquisition in the software department. 

In 1989, Burkhard Röhrig brought her to GFOS, where she focused on the further development and support of the areas of time management - later workforce management - and security. In the following years, Gunda Cassens-Röhrig became a partner in the company and was appointed sole authorized signatory. With the title of Head of Products & Services, she was responsible for consulting, development and product management. Since 2015, she has been Managing Director Products & Services alongside Burkhard Röhrig. 

When Burkhard Röhrig stepped down from the Management Board in 2021, three new Managing Directors - Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig, Mischa Wittek and Olaf Zwintzscher - succeeded him. In this context, she handed over the management of the Development division to Olaf Zwintzscher. She continued to be responsible for the Consulting, Services and Product Management divisions herself. 

In mid-2022, Gunda Cassens-Röhrig and her husband Burkhard Röhrig handed over the company to Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig as part of the family succession. Her husband Dr. Ignace Van Meenen took over Gunda Cassens-Röhrig's previous areas of responsibility within the management team. Since then, she has continued to be in charge of product management at GFOS and supports the company in her role as an advisor.

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