Our Vision: Designing the Future of Work

We are passionate about the success of our customers and we do our best every day. With intelligent solutions, we create first-class customer experience and design tomorrow's workplaces already today.

Our standard of quality 

We are convinced of our software, because GFOS mbH works in a progressive and innovative way. Our software supports companies independent of the industry as innovators on their way towards digital transformation. Therefore, we develop, test and improve our products in expert teams and ensure continuous quality assurance. With the highest level of cross-industry expertise and competence, we are ahead of the competition. And of course, we also use our software in-house, because our own employees are the most valuable critics.

Our customers as the center of our work

Successful projects and long-lasting customer relationships are the goal of our daily work. For this, we not only develop innovative and high-performance IT solutions, but do we foster strong partnerships with all of our customers. Trust, reliability, fairness and the highest quality lead to mutual success. To maintain and develop these partnerships, our employees give their best every day.

We are a team

Our amazing employees are people who have the best qualifications and valuable qualities. And all employees are equally important to us - together we do our best to use our expertise with and for our customers in order to achieve best possible results. Only satisfied employees can and want to perform at their best and aim to incorporate own ideas. Therefore, we rely on individual training - also in our GFOS Academy - further education and an open corporate culture in which employees have room to develop and are able to introduce their own ideas.

Working on the future togehter

Lasting success can only be achieved together following a clear vision. That is why we want to exceed tomorrow’s market demands already today. Innovative thinking, creative ideas and enjoyment of work, make sure that we always work for loyal and satisfied customers. At the same time, we facilitate a high degree of identification among our employees. The will for permanent improvement is the basis for the success of our customers.

Social commitment is natural for us

Due to the strong roots in the region, the desire for support and assistance is part of our daily thinking and acting. Children and young people are not only the future of our economy, they are the future of our society. For this reason, we pass on our success and support both social projects and the fostering of talent at kindergartens, schools and universities.

Corporate Digital Responsibility

Digitization is not a trend that will disappear tomorrow - on the contrary. Against the background of topics such as digitization, Smart Factory and machine learning, our (work) world will change permanently. It is therefore all the more important to prepare our young specialists of tomorrow for these topics and to train them as best as possible. At GFOS we are convinced that this should not be done at university or during vocational training. Our goal is therefore to awaken young people's enthusiasm for technology and introduce them to technical professions as early as possible. This happens within the framework of our GFOS MINT Lab: All of our young talent projects focus on promoting the MINT area and start with the youngest.

Sustainability for our future

For us, sustainability is not an option, but an important corporate value. Therefore, the training and further education of young talents, but also of specialists with decades of professional experience, is very important at GFOS. In addition, we want to make our contribution to an intact environment - and that often starts with small things. We support company tickets for public transport for our employees, separate and recycle the waste that arises in everyday office life. We also enable our employees to work remotely at home and with our customers, which is why they spend less time driving. Using central digitization of our paper-based documents on electronic data storage devices, we are significantly reducing our paper and energy consumption.

Diversity makes us stronger

At GFOS, we focus on diversity and inclusion. We are sure: Diversity makes us stronger! It is precisely our differences in age, gender, origin, belief, orientation and skills with which each and every one of us can make a unique contribution to the success of our company.

We are certified

GFOS ist SAP S/4HANA zertifiziert
Die zertifizierte DATEV Schnittstelle von GFOS
ISO 27001 Zertifizierung - ID 9108647583

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